Anya Shukla & Kathryn Lau, Co-founders of The Colorization Collective

Anya Shukla and Kathryn Lau are Seattle-based high-school students who co-founded The Colorization Collective in 2019, after participating in an acting intensive that lacked BIPOC artist representation.

The Colorization Collective promotes diversity, racial equity, and inclusivity, by hosting mentorship sessions, featuring web series, and publishing online content that encourages young artists of color to break barriers in the art community. Shukla and Lau lead The Collective and work with other teen artists of color that share a goal to combat the racial injustice that exists in artistic spaces.

In the future, Shukla and Lau plan to establish more chapters across the globe and intend to develop an adult board that would allow them to support this initiative beyond their youth years.

To learn more about Anya and Kathryn, visit

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